Thorin Roasts Three Popular CS:GO Players in One Tweet

If you are able to guarantee something in esports, it’s that Duncan ‘Throin’ Shields will invariably speak his mind, regardless of CSGO Skins Buy how controversial.

In among his more lighthearted Tweets, he cut through three popular players in quick succession as Edouard ‘Smithzz’ Dubourdeaux, Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham and Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag were all mercilessly targeted.

Referencing the most popular phrase that decoy grenades aren’t utilized in CS:GO, he simply added an image of each player and said “inaccurate”. As expected the Tweet received some considerably attention with nearly 2 thousand likes within the first twenty four hours.

Various arguments broke out within the replies people agreeing and disagreeing, however everyone was more disappointed that he’d not included former FaZe player, Portuguese AWPer, Ricardo ‘fox’ Pacheco.