Gabe Newell Talks Counter-Strike: Global Offensive In Yesterday’s AMA Reddit

As we previously noted, Valve’s Gabe Newell took part in an AMA Reddit yesterday, fielding questions across numerous topics – such as the possibility of CSGO Skins new games within the Half-Life/Portal universe. But younger crowd realizes precisely how devoted the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community is about Valve, and answered several queries about that game.

When may be the Source 2 engine being released for CSGO?

“Source 2 is really a bunch of system rewrites. For CSGO, we evaluate these new systems on the individual merits. Some CSGO rework is within progress, like the UI that employs parts of Source 2. Other systems might follow. Some Source 2 systems might not be right for CSGO. Relevant anecdote: When we was previously approached about Source 2 at Majors we’d ask “what one thing you’re hoping Source 2 is going to do for CSGO” as well as for a while the response was “I expect hitboxes will be better.” Moving everything to Source 2 wouldn’t actually solve this problem. We just went ahead and spent time focusing on better hitboxes.”