1. Q: How do I know that you are a lawful website?

A:As it is the most important question that being asked .Our website is absolutely a lawful website and you can also check it on the feedback from our happy customers all over the world .Then you can definitely assure yourself that we are a safe and lawful website for selling the cheapest fifa 15 coins for you .

2.Q: How do I buy the fifa coins from you?

A: Ok, our website put the customer in the first place. Then it is very easy for you, you can just click the words “Buy Now” and fill some simple information of yourself. Then you can just add it to the cart and checkout.

3.Q: Is it safe to place an order at your online store ?

A: No matter what the method of payment you use , you can be assured that it is totally safe just like using it in your neighborhood stores .We use the most advanced online security measures to protect your personal information .It includes the data encryption, server authentication and message integrity and so on. Then you can completely feel safe at our website and online store.

4. Q: What payment options do you accept?

A: Currently, we accept both credit card and PayPal to pay the order at our online store.

5 Q: How long I can obtain my coins?

A: If you are our regular customer, then I am sure you can get our fifa coins in a minute .But if you are a first-time purchase , it may take a little time for you to fill some information , and then it will be very soon for you to get the fifa coins .

6.Q: What are the probable reasons for delay ?

A: There are some reasons that may happen to delay the shipping time .Such as we can’t find the player you listed , wrong information you filled , or we cannot find your order information according to your email, or even may be the technical errors like the internet down-time .

7.Q :Do you cover the EA’s tax ?

A:About that, we are very sorry . Like all the fifa transactions, EA will charge 5% tax.

8.Q: Can I ask for refund if you didn’t make the delivery in a timely manner ?

A: The answer is yes, of course you can. And, then if you have any problems or doubt you can always contact us.

9.Q: Do I need to worry about my personal information ?

A: No, there is definitely no need for you to worry about your personal information .Because we have very strict rules to protect our clients’ information. Once who breached it, the one will be punished very seriously.

10.Q: What if you are out of stock, will you have more?

A: The situation almost will never happen, because we are the only middleman between the buyers and the sellers. Then you can assure yourself.

11.Q: What if I have some more questions ?

A:If you have any other questions, you can always feel free to contact us at any time.

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